Unto Us a Child is Born

Is it irreverent to use this phrase to refer to any other baby than the Lord Jesus?  I don’t know, and I am sorry if it is.  I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but at this time of year, when we are rejoicing in the advent of the Baby Jesus, we in our family are celebrating the birth of another baby, as well—our twelfth grandchild Vanessa Juliette!  There is nothing more exciting and wonderful to a grandma than to be blessed with another grandbaby—and, to this grandma, anyway, to see all her grandchildren grow up to know and love Jesus.

Vanessa arrived by C-section on Wednesday, November 13th at twenty inches long and weighing seven pounds, four ounces.  She also came into the world with problems.  The cord was wrapped around her neck and she was grayish-blue and not breathing well.  They rushed her off to intensive care and began giving her pure oxygen.  It was a tense couple of hours as we waited for the doctor to come back with news on how she was doing. Vanessa

It turned out that the cord around her neck was not the cause of her respiratory problems.  It was loosely wrapped, and according to the doctor, at no time had she been deprived of oxygen or brain-damaged.  Rather, the baby’s breathing problems stemmed from her being born by c-section.  Apparently, not going through the birth canal results in trouble for some babies when the fluids and gunk are not squeezed out in the normal birth process.  (Sorry—poor medical description, I know!)  The doctor assured Laurie and Fernando that the baby will be alright.

Praise God!  Laurie is doing well and went home from the hospital Friday evening.  The baby will go home from the hospital, the Lord willing, tomorrow if she is totally weaned off the oxygen and can eat by mouth.  Vanessa’s five sisters and one brother can hardly wait!  They have not been allowed to see her at all.  In fact, two year old Mandy can’t figure out where her baby sister went.  She’s not in Mommy’s tummy anymore, but when she got to go to the hospital, she didn’t see her there, either!

It’ll be a sweet Welcome Home party for Baby Vanessa!  Laurie plans to dress her up in her glittery red roses princess dress.  Everyone will get to finally see, touch and hold that precious baby.  The best Grandma and Grandpa will get to do is see her on Skype, but I am not complaining.  Just praising God that she is doing well, and that we get to see her at all!

That first baby we mentioned?  For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given… and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)  Jesus!  Our sweet Vanessa Juliette (also a beautiful name, I must say) has brought joy into our family and to those who love us.  The precious baby born in Bethlehem brought Joy to the World!  And His name  Jesus is the Sweetest Name I hnow!  Although His birth was a humble one, Jesus was welcomed into this world by angels, shepherds and kings.  Still today, more than 2000 years later, millions around the world remember His first coming and celebrate His birth every year!  Glory to God in the highest!  We thank Him for leaving the Halls of Heaven to walk on earth with us for a little while in order that we might walk with Him for all eternity!  He brought Light into this dark world, Hope for the hopeless, Peace for the comfortless, and Salvation for all who would believe and accept Him as their Savior.  Thank you, Jesus!

And thank You, Lord for the sweet baby born unto us this week!

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