Best of the Best

Today is Bob’s birthday–#62!  Robbie and I have done our best to celebrate him the last two days.  We went to Red Lobster yesterday for a birthday lunch, and a mighty fine lunch it was! After a delicious meal of coconut shrimp, salmon and steak—and plenty of those yummy Cheddar Bay Biscuits—three of the waiters came over to our table with a big piece of chocolate cake and ice cream, complete with a lighted candle, and sang “Happy Birthday” to him.  I had all I could do not to giggle!  It was the poorest rendition of the birthday song I’ve ever heard!  I tried to jump in and sing with them but since it was in three different keys, I wasn’t sure where to jump!  Bob and I looked at Robbie; sure he wouldn’t be able to handle it.  He hates the birthday song (we usually sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”) and he really hates unharmonious music.  Somehow, though, he held it together with only a pouty lip and furrowed brow to show his displeasure.

Today we will have another nice lunch here at home.  Laurie and her family plan to Skype with Bob at 2:00 this afternoon.  They want to wish him a happy birthday, but they also have a special announcement to make to him.  They recently found out that the baby they are expecting is a boy and they plan to name him Michael Robert, after Bob!  (I’m not spoiling their surprise.  He won’t read this until later.)  The excitement will continue when Julie’s family Skypes this afternoon, too.  Bob loves and misses his children and grandchildren, so when we Skype with them it is always a special occasion.

Bob received his birthday/Father’s Day gift from me a couple months ago when he bought himself another handgun.  (I can’t shop for such things—he has to do it himself.)  Robbie had a gift for him, though.  He loves to give gifts in gift bags so he can “help” pull out the tissue paper and then the gift.  Yesterday he gave Daddy three new t-shirts—two patriotic ones (Bob loves his patriotic t-shirts and wears them all the time) and one that had two thumbs up for Dad.  Robbie has just recently learned to do “thumbs up” so it was perfect for him to give to his daddy!  I liked the gift bag Robbie gave his dad.  It had dogs all over it and said “Dad—Best in Show”

That’s Bob—best in show!  Actually, he’s the Best of the Best!   Now, I know there are some of you who think the husband or father in your life is the best, and that’s fine, you can think that if you like, but in my world Bob is best.  His name even says it—B.O.B. (Best of Best.)  Forgive me for repeating this, but the list of things I love about Bob is just as true as it was four years ago when I wrote it:

  1. He makes me laugh – What a goof! Whether it’s slapstick, “punny,” or stand-up comedy, those wheels are always turning in his head to somehow make me laugh!
  2. He protects me – Oh, there are times I feel over-protected, but I always know he is looking out for my best and simply wants to be sure I am safe and well.
  3. He’s my problem solver – All I have to do is open my mouth with the slightest hint of a question or problem and he jumps right in, trying to take care of it for me. Sometimes all I’m really looking for is a little sympathy, but he’ll find a solution, nevertheless, if he can!
  4. He’s a faithful husband – Bob is 100% a family man. When he took those wedding vows, he meant them for life. I know without a doubt he would never do anything to jeopardize our family or marriage.
  5. He’s an awesome dad – I know there has never been a better dad to his children! He’s always done his best and been there for the girls to help them in any way he could; and as a daddy to Robbie—well, let’s just say thirty-seven years of willingly changing diapers, cheerfully bathing, dressing, feeding and caring for Robbie, and lovingly standing beside him through all the testing and trials, and being his best pal says it all.
  6. He’s a man of faith – From the moment of his salvation forty-four years ago. Bob has loved and served the Lord with his whole heart. His faith in God is unshakeable and he does not waver or worry because he trusts in Him. He’s a godly leader in our family and a faithful witness for the Lord at every opportunity.
  7. He’s does the “little things” – Making my coffee in the morning, bringing me flowers or chocolates for no reason, getting the car washed for me when I’m going out, making sure I get those nights out from time to time…
  8. He is like a rock – He stands up for his convictions whether they be spiritual, political or philosophical. He is dependable, responsible and steady. I know he will always be there, doing his best.
  9. He is generous and caring to others, loyal and gives his all – I have literally seen him give the coat off his back and boots off his feet to a homeless man. He’ll drop everything if a neighbor needs help. He is loyal to his employers and gives everything he’s got on the job.
  10. He loves me – He accepts me the way I am, despite my shortcomings. He supports and encourages me in all my endeavors and many times put me first before his own desires. I couldn’t ask for a better husband and am thankful to God for giving him to me.

I could add one more—although it drives me a little crazy sometimes!  Bob is a perfectionist.  In just about everything.  I have to admit, I am a perfectionist, too, in some areas.  I cannot keep up with him, however, when it comes to his standards!   He is confident, determined and skilled, so it is difficult for him to yield even a little bit of control on a work project because he thinks he can do it better (and he’s right!)  He wants things super-clean and healthy and safe, because he is protective of his family.  He gives 100% of himself to everything he does.   The motivation for that, I think, is I Corinthians 10:31b, “…whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”  It is in his nature to be a perfectionist, but it is also a part of the man of God he has become. He wants always to do his best, whether it’s for me, or his family, friends, neighbors or even strangers—but always for God.

The rest of us may not be perfectionists to the degree that Bob is, but we all ought to do the best we can for the glory of God!  What a testimony for the Lord and a blessing to Him when we do our best!

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