Older–and Wiser?

The house is usually quiet on Sunday mornings when I write my blog.  It’s hard to write when there are people around–too many distractions, too much noise–especially when nine-month-old Amanda is one of those people!  This morning there are several people home sick, including Mandy, so it doesn’t look like I’ll get much writing done today.  Oh, drat!  Just when I was going to write about turning sixty the other day!  (Now aren’t you glad there’s no Sundays with Cindy this week?)

I’ll just leave you with one verse today.  I have always hoped that as I got older I would gain some wisdom.  Proverbs 16:16 says “How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver!”   King Solomon chose the best gift when God offered him anything he wanted–wisdom above riches, honour, power or long life.  The Lord was pleased with Solomon’s choice and blessed him with wisdom and all those other things beside.  I’ll never have riches or power, but I pray I will be blessed with a little wisdom–for myself and to pass on to my grandchildren.

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