My Prayer Today

Lord, my heart is heavy right now for so many people.  When the situation seems so bad, and there is nothing I can do to help, all I can do is pray, and so that is what I am doing right now—lifting their burdens to You and pleading for Your intervention in these crises.  Lord, You know all about them, and have allowed these tragedies for some good purpose.  You want to work in their lives and draw them closer to Thee because You love them, but it is hard for us humans to watch them suffering.  Help us all to simply trust You to work all things out for the good.  Help us to cast all our cares upon You for we know You care for us and love us.  Help me to show these dear ones how much I care and to encourage and support them.  Please, Lord, give them comfort and peace, wisdom and strength and even joy in the midst of suffering as they feel Your loving arms around them.  Please supply the needs they have—physical, emotional, spiritual and financial.  Thank You for some answers to these prayers we have already seen.

We know we can bring these things to you, Father, because You have the power and authority to overcome all of earth’s trials and tribulation.  We worship You and love You and trust You because of Your omnipotence and Your everlasting love for us, Your children.  Thank You for walking with us through these trials, for carrying us when the way is too hard, and for never, ever leaving or forsaking us.  Thank You for Your faithfulness to us, even when we fail to be faithful to You. 

Please, Lord, heal our broken hearts.  We thank You and praise You.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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