I just finished writing to both my senators, the congressman from our district, and the White House. Only one of them is a conservative like me, so the others probably won’t even read what I wrote, but at least I spoke my piece. You have to use the “official” e-mail forms to e-mail any of them, but it was fine. I wrote my letter out first and then copied and pasted it into the forms, making whatever changes were needed. The e-mail form for my representative would not work, and I’ll bet anything it was deliberately disbled. He’s the one that locked hundreds of conservatives out of his townhall meeting and he’s probably hearing from a lot of angry people. I kept my tone very respectful and calm, but very concerned. It probably won’t do much, but at least my voice is another one counted on the conservative side!


  1. Excellent Aunt Cindy. I think Pete Visclosky might read what you wrote. Even though he is a Democrat, he still seems more conservative than the rest of the party, and he might be willing to listen to what you have to say. I do know that one of our current Senators is Republican, and he might listen to you as well. You should also consider writing to the President himself. I will probably write to our Representative and our Senators too. I also might write to the Governor, Mitch Daniels, and also Senator McCain, who recently has opposed Obama's healthcare system and his Supreme Court Justice Nominee, Sotomayor. Even though Sotomayor got in, the vote was much more close, do to Senator McCain's act of courage to stand up for what he believes is right too. Great work Aunt Cindy.

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